How To PERMANENTLY Maintain A 10/10 Mindset To MASTER Any Skill

We all want to perform at our best. Whether you’re working in business, fitness, or any type of industry, we all have a sense of what our ‘best self’ could be like and what our ‘best self’ looks like in our mind. Now I completely understand and respect that what you perceive as the ‘best version of you’ is incredibly subjective, based on your culture, up bringing and beliefs. Despite these factors I think that we can all agree that what ever we perceive as the ‘better version of ourselves’ is a more confident, authentic, grounded, happier, healthier, fitter and creative individual. Unfortunately for most people their ‘day to day self’ doesn’t necessarily fall into alignment with the image of what their ‘best self’ could be, how frustrating and disappointing right?

What you already know

If you’re into self development it’s no secret that your daily habits and rituals, regardless of how insignificant they may appear, is what determines your beliefs, mindset, behaviour, actions and over all success in life. Your behaviour shapes your mind.good_bad_habits_large

So there are life coaches all over the world who give the best information on nutrition, fitness, marketing, business and mindset. All with the intention to help you in the process of achieving your goals and reaching the top of the mountain. Personally I think that’s fricken awesome! All the best  information is at your finger tips and all you have to do is study the information and then implement it… Simple right?

Despite having the best teachers and coaches available 24/7 with the most premium knowledge and advice to attain success in any area, most people fail to produce the results they want. What’s going wrong here?

Well as a lot of people will confess, the development of one’s self is not the easiest path to follow. It’s an incredibly narrow path and as your success and responsibilities increase, your margin for error becomes increasingly smaller and smaller. Requiring even more mental focus, vision and discipline. This path becomes even harder as the world around you (tv, facebook, twitter, advertisements, trolls, even friends and family), are more times than not, encouraging you to stay the same and to not change. Humans inherently view change as negative and it’s this mental function that we need to re-program in order to create change in it’s deepest, most purest form. goals

‘So what’s your solution to creating positive change so I can achieve my goals?’

I’m glad you ask!!!

How to reinforce ANYTHING you want into your neurology

As I said earlier it’s your habits that reinforce everything. Your habits reinforce your behaviour and your behaviour is what determines how your brain is wired. Science is now finding that even our genes respond to our behaviour!!!

Behaviour reinforces neural pathways. A human being has some where between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day. 99% of the thoughts you’re having today are the same thoughts you had yesterday…

I believe that if you can train your brain to automatically produce and replay thoughts that are congruent to the behaviours and beliefs systems you want to adopt, that is how you can be successful in any endeavour. Having your ‘inner cheerleaders’ on your side. Eliminating unnecessary thoughts. Sounds too idealistic? Let me give you a step by step process to bring about this transformation.

Rewire your brain

Studies have shown that the average person retains only 10% of the major themes of a book seven days after reading it. However if you teach what you’ve learned, you retain 90%. Teaching or explaining useful topics from your favourite business or self development books, podcasts and seminars reinforces to your brain that, ‘what I’m spending time and energy is important.’ neuroplasticity

Your brain will only spend energy on building neural pathways to what it perceives to be important. Why? Because enforcing new patterns requires time and energy and your DNA is always trying to preserve time and energy to maintain efficiency. An incredibly effective way to enforce a new pattern is to teach what you want to cement into your own neurology.

Now I’m no self help guru/coach and I’m not trying to be one. I’m an educator who is an anatomy geek and I’m fascinated by how the brain produces change. I’m speaking from experience, I’ve taught the principles about how the brain produces change nearly everyday for the past 2 and half years (literally). Over this time I’ve noticed how my own day to day auto pilot thought processes have slowly changed, due to the fact that my mind continuously emphasised the processes on how to build new neural pathways. I’m not perfect by any means but my thoughts and behaviours are 10 times better in terms of what I want to get out of life than they were before I started teaching. I believe this is down to what I’ve been emphasising in my 1-1 sessions with clients for the past 2 and a half years, how to produce real long lasting change in your mind and body. My intention behind this was to improve posture and movement patterns, but you can do this for any goal.

If you don’t have the platform to teach that’s absolutely fine. Start surrounding yourself with like minded individuals who are on the same path you’re on. You can teach each other the main take away points from amazing books like ‘The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People’ or the latest podcast episode from ‘Level 10 Living”. As cheesy as it sounds you can even do a weekly book club. Having people who share the same values as you hold you accountable and keep you on track. If you don’t have people in your life right now who want to listen to this sort of stuff, get a video camera and record yourself teaching the main topics from the latest book or podcast you’ve been digesting. Find opportunities in social situations (with out being too over bearing) where you can share these ideas and teachings. The process to reaching your goals has to become part of your daily vocabulary. Remember the intention is to reinforce a new paradigm of thought and behaviour.

When your conscious mind is continuously focusing and re-focusing on certain ideas and values, this will over time trickle down into the sub conscious mind. Once your sub conscious mind has adopted a new pattern, that pattern is very hard to get rid of… It is there to stay.

So to conclude, redirect your conversations with people away from trivial topics. Be mindful of the 60,000 thoughts you’re producing daily. If you have a platform where you are teaching/educating, use that platform to reinforce to yourself what you’re are working to embody, be aware of the type of language you’re using. If you don’t have that platform, find ways to recycle the wisdom and knowledge from your favourite coaches and teachers daily.

Remember, what ever action you take (or don’t take), you’re reinforcing a belief system.

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Tom Waldrom
Tom Waldron